Jump Into The Exploding E-scooter Business

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We provide you our top of the line, commercial grade scooters at cost. Your scooters come branded  with your business name/logo. All units come  with the latest GPS & antitheft technology.



Proprietary turnkey software easily allows for Geofencing, pricing, data metrics & performance tracking. IOS and Android consumer App for ease of use. Ride Fiik provides all setup & support.



Adjustable rental rates. No additional workforce required. A to A transport eliminates regulation compliance. Low initial investment with an average ROI within the first 30 days!



What is the minimum order of scooters?

There is no minimum, you can have one if you like! In our experience the more scooters you have the more successfull you will be. There are many factors to determine what will work for you. Contact us so we can discuss what would be right for you.

Do you offer finance?

Please contact us for options.

Can I use my own branding?

Yes, you can brand the scooters with your logo.

We love our brand but we love yours more, we want you to be able to promote your brand to your home town. We are for local small business, you serve your community better with your brand on the scooter than ours would. If you don't want that we have other options, contact us for more information.

Will I need my own App?

We provide everything you need to start earning on day one. This includes, app, scooters, set-up, data plan, credit card processing and more!

How much does it cost to start?

We can get you up and running your own fleet for pratically nothing up front. Seriously, we have a program that requires no money up front! We enourage current rental operators/rental shops to add scooters as a new amenity, this way you can partner with your current clients. If you are not a current rental shop/operator it's ok, we have programs that will work for you. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes! Please contact us for details.

How do I start?

You already have, just by being here and reading this you have taken the first step! Now, fill out the form below so we can contact you and start working together!

Who can start this business?

Our partners consist of rental shops, rental operators, hotels, resorts, etc. Truely, anyone looking to generate additional revenue for their business or start a new business can do this! We are not a transportation company, we encourage people to ride for leisure. National statistics show that leisure trumps transportation in number of rides and ride duration. We encourage current rental operators/rental shops to add scooters as a new amenity, this way you can partner with your current clients. If you are not one of these, it's ok, we have programs to suit most businesses. Contact us for more information.

Is Ride Fiik a rideshare?

No!!! We are not a transprotation company that is only interested in people going from one place to another. We encourage leisure and enjoyment not the need to get to point 'B' faster.

We are the manufactures of a scooter that rents on an automated system. Rideshare companies rent and return from pubic right of way. We only rent and return to private property. We partner with local operators that make sure everything is done the right way. We have found that our model is much more city friendly & profitable for local businesses.

We want to avoid the clutter and nuisance that current rideshares create. Abandoned scooters on sidewalks creates a nuisance for everyone. This is why we rent and return to private property. Our unique model encourages good behavior, scooter longevity and avoids problems on the public right of way. It’s our vision to have a friendlier, more profitable & sustainable business that not only provides leisure for customers but alleviates the headaches for the city and keeps the profit in the local market.



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